Advanced Mobility of Bend: Power wheel chair
Power Wheel Chairs
Advanced Mobility of Bend is your Jazzy Authorized Power Chair Dealer.

The power chair combines state-of-the-art components with safety, comfort, and styling in mind. These design features will provide you with the conveniences you expect during your daily activities.

The innovative design and proven quality of these power wheelchairs lets you operate the chair easily with just a touch of the controls. The manueverability allows you to navigate even the smallest of spaces. Operation is simple, comfortable and natural.

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Advanced Mobility of Bend:  Manual Wheel Chair
Manual Wheel Chairs
Do you need a wheelchair while you recover from an injury or surgery?  Maybe you want to take Grandma to the Deschutes County Fair or a walk around Mirror Pond but the walk would be too far?  A transport chair is the perfect solution!

Advanced Mobility of Bend
has wheelchairs and transport chairs in stock, both for purchase and for rental on either a weekly or monthly basis.

Advanced Mobility of Bend: Transport Wheel Chair

Transport Wheel Chairs

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